Live true to your heart, every moment.

Although you may be "following your heart" generally, are you staying true to yourself moment by moment? When you do, you:

• Increase your efficiency, productivity, and creativity

• Enrich your relationships

• Express your “genius”

• Make every choice contribute to your self-fulfillment

• Discover and live by your true desires

• Amplify your life force

• Develop your intuition and your trust in it

• Live more fully—in harmony with the world around you

•Experience true freedom

No matter how much you love what you are doing, you can always live more heart-aligned to increase your satisfaction. Learn how to change the way you make choices from the inside out. Your life will alter immediately to give you more and more of what you truely desire.

Are you aligned to your life purpose? By following heartaculture you will be.





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